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Medical breathable tape commonly used coating method?

2024-01-23 17:37:57

Medical breathable tape-scraper coating utilizes the wiping action of a scraper to evenly apply the pressure-sensitive adhesive to 

the substrate surface.

Transfer coating, the medical breathable tape substrate (medical non-woven fabric) and pre-coated with pressure sensitive 

adhesive anti-adhesive substrate (medical silicone paper) pressure composite, so that the pressure sensitive adhesive powder from 

the surface of the medical silicone paper to the medical non-woven fabric.

Gravure coating uses gravure pits evenly or regularly arranged on the surface of the round rod to transfer the liquid adhesive with 

low viscosity evenly to the substrate of the medical breathable tape.

Medical breathable tape - extrusion coating

The pressure-sensitive adhesive is extruded from the gap by pressure and applied on the surface of the medical breathable tape 


In fact, the medical breathable tape basically belongs to the transfer coating, the medical hot melt adhesive or medical solvent 

adhesive is first coated on the medical silicone oil paper, and then the silicone oil paper surface adhesive is transferred to the 

medical non-woven fabric after pressure composite, so as to process into medical breathable tape, common extrusion coating is 

mainly used for hot sol, solvent glue is mainly used for scraper coating method, but also useful gravure coating method.


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