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What are the advantages of the selection of medical breathable tape?

2024-01-23 17:41:20

Now many hospitals are using medical ventilation tape, medical ventilation tape has been widely used, then everyone knows the advantages of medical ventilation tape?

1. Different matrix composition

As we all know, the general medical breathable tape matrix are made of rubber or high poly chemical materials, and these materials are compounds extracted from alcohol, and the skin has a greater stimulation, although some domestic enterprises and research institutes have carried out research and development of the dosage form, but most of the use of hot melt adhesive, and hot melt adhesive melting point above 135℃, It is just the improvement and processing of the plaster, and it does not fundamentally solve the problem. The water-soluble polymer material is used as the main component, which avoids the shortcomings brought by rubber and high polymer chemical material matrix.

2. Large drug tolerance

The general adhesive patch, the matrix after the addition of medicine in the thickness of about 0.1 mm, and low drug content, this product has been proved by the test results, the addition of Chinese medicine (extract, mud, dry powder), the paste in its thickness of 1 mm to 1.3 mm, the area of 65×90 mm or 70×100 mm, about 3 grams; Mud in 2.5-3 grams; The dry powder is about 1 gram. The ratio of drug to matrix was further increased. The general transdermal patch has a matrix to drug ratio of 90:10, and the experiment of this product has proved that the ratio can be increased to 65:35, compared with the increase of the drug ratio and the thickening of the drug-containing layer can fully meet the unit dose and the lasting effect. Further guarantee and strengthen the effect of drug therapy. After many years of experiments, the formulation showed that the adjustable and controllable matrix and drug as well as the high concentration of drug loading were very suitable for the characteristics of multi-prescription large-dose administration of Chinese traditional medicine.

3 strong penetration, control and slow release effect is good

The medical breathable tape adopts hydrophilic polymer material, which makes the drug always in the active state, improves the skin penetration of the active ingredients of the drug, makes the drug quickly reach the focus and has obvious effect in the control and slow release of the drug. The drug can release evenly within 24 hours to 120 hours or even longer, avoiding the peak and valley phenomenon of the drug. This can improve the effective utilization of drug ingredients, and achieve long-term stability. At present, there are manufacturers in the domestic market using hot melt adhesive and chemical adhesive to make patches, completely wrapping drugs in colloids, imagine how to achieve the effect of drug transdermal absorption?

4. Strong affinity with drugs

This product uses a special neutral formula, its ph value is about 7, you can add Chinese medicine, Western medicine; Water-soluble, non-water-soluble; Acidic, alkaline and other drugs, all have good affinity, and no modification and influence on drugs, is an ideal pharmaceutical carrier to add a variety of therapeutic drugs.

The structure of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape comprises an anti-stick paper, an adhesive (pharmaceutical preparation) and a surface base material, wherein the anti-stick paper is composed of a base paper, an impermeable agent (PE) and an anti-stick agent (silicone). It has five main structures, such as base paper layer, PE layer, anti-sticking layer, bonding layer and surface base material.


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