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Basic requirements for medical absorbent gauze


Basic requirements for medical absorbent gauze block:

The base material of medical gauze block is medical degreasing gauze, which should meet the requirements of yy0331-2002 standard. The gauze block should be soft, odorless and tasteless; the gauze block should be folded and flat without burr, exposed stubble and loose thread; the medical gauze block can be divided into folded edge, non folded edge, flat shape, tufting, cutting, with display line and without display line. From the packaging, it can be divided into sterilized and non sterilized gauze.

How to choose gauze block?

1. According to the use, the appropriate size can be selected according to the size of the wound;

2. According to the different ways of use, the operating room can choose to fold the edge, with the development line (the main function is to develop under X-ray, to avoid missing the body).

How to identify the quality of gauze block?

Myth: the thicker the better

The gauze block is woven from cotton yarn on air jet / shuttle loom, degreased and bleached, dried, cut and folded into required size and thickness, and then packaged. The thickness of gauze has a great relationship with the number of layers and the thickness of yarn.

Yarn index of gauze block

1. British yarn count (NE) - under the constant moisture regain, the multiple of 840 yards of 1-pound yarn length, that is to say, 1-pound yarn is 840 yards long, which is a yarn, the length of 1-pound yarn is 21 × 840 yards, and the yarn fineness is 21, which is written as 21s. The British count is fixed weight system, so the larger the count, the finer the yarn. British count is not the legal yarn fineness index in China, but it is still widely used in enterprises, especially in cotton textile industry.

2. Metric count (nm) - under the constant moisture regain, the meter multiple of 1G yarn length, that is, 1g yarn is exactly 1m long, which is 1 (male) yarn, 1g yarn length is 200m, and yarn fineness is 200 yarn. The metric count is also a fixed weight system, so the larger the count, the finer the yarn. It is used in cotton textile and wool textile industry.

3. Tex number, also known as "number", refers to the number of grams of 1000 meter long yarn under the constant moisture regain. It is a fixed length unit. The larger the gram weight is, the thicker the yarn is. It is often used to represent wool yarn.

4. Fineness (d) - also known as "denier" or (denier: denier), refers to the weight of 9000 meters of yarn or fiber, such as 100D. It is also a unit of fixed length system. The larger the gram weight is, the thicker the yarn or fiber is. It is often used to represent chemical fiber filament, real silk, etc.

5. Count - one pound (453.5g) of cotton is spun into a 840 yard long cotton yarn, and 8400 yards is 10 yarns. If the count is more, the finer the yarn is, the better the quality of cotton fiber will be. The number of counts is 21, 32, 38, 42, 46, 60s / 2, etc. S / 2 is the mark of double strand thread. The more branches, the better the quality.

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