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Founded in 1998 Anbang is a manufacturer of medical disposables and supplies With more than 32 000 square meters of production space and a wide range of medical products Anbang has been cooperating with hundreds of hospitals and clinics across China for more than 20 years At Anbang we are dedicated improve our production efficiency expand our product line and continually focus on the highest quality products and services The timely customer service and on time shipping logistics capabilities give us a competitive advantage in the international market Our customers trust Anbang to be a safe long term medical supplier and partner

Categories and Products

Infusion Care And Protective Equipment

Reproductive And Contraceptive Devices

Clinical Testing Equipment

Passive Surgical Instruments

Disposable Rhinoscope

Patient Carrying Device

Orthopedic Surgical Instruments

Respiratory Anesthesia And First Aid Equipment

Disposable Dental Kit

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