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How safe is the disposable interventional surgical kit

2024-01-23 11:16:36

In this article, we simply describe the safety of disposable interventional surgical kits. As a professional manufacturer of electronic 

infusion pumps, combined anesthesia kits, buried needles, umbilical cord clippers, we will organize and publish all kinds of 

electronic infusion pumps, combined anesthesia kits, buried needles, umbilical cord clippers, and serve you wholeheartedly.

The disposable interventional surgical kit is equipped with a small medicine cup with sponge, which is convenient for the surgeon 

to pour excess waste blood into the medicine cup and insert the waste needle into the sponge block to avoid needle puncture and 

reduce iatrogenic infection; The blade is designed with plastic handle and blade, high safety. Disinfection forceps to sponge brush, 

good water absorption, avoid waste of excess iodophor, convenient for doctors to disinfect; Add white absorbent pad, blood 

sucking, absorbent, obedient, prevent catheter, guide wire slip; The treatment towel that needed to be laid several times was 

changed into a small hole towel, which was respectively placed at the puncture of the right femoral artery, left femoral artery and 

right radial artery, and fixed with self-adhesive; Add two intraoperative sheets to make the bed and cover the patient's private 

parts. The selection of all materials of disposable operating kit takes into account the characteristics of waterproof, soft, flexible, 

absorbent and warm.


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