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What kind of device is an electronic infusion pump

2024-01-23 11:19:22

In this article, we simply describe what kind of device the electronic infusion pump is. As a professional electronic infusion pump, 

combined anesthesia kit, buried needle, umbilical cord clipper manufacturer, we will organize and publish all kinds of electronic 

infusion pump, combined anesthesia kit, buried needle, umbilical cord clipper knowledge, and serve you wholeheartedly.

An electronic infusion pump is an infusion device. This device is relatively intelligent, and the number of infusion drops and 

infusion flow rate can be accurately controlled by mechanical driving force. This medical equipment improves the accuracy and 

safety of infusion to patients. At present, there are two kinds of electronic infusion pumps often used in clinical practice, one is 

infusion pump, which is mainly used for conventional infusion; One is micro-injection pump, which is mainly used in micro-injection 

and precise drug delivery.


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