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What is the difference between surgical gloves and examination gloves?

2024-01-23 17:34:01

Disposable rubber gloves in the injection of warm water, can withstand the pressure of the extremities, with the patient's different 

lying position, the liquid in the bag will adjust the fit degree with the skin, the patient feels appropriate, no pressure.

Inspection gloves are generally relatively thin and short, and generally non-independent packaging regardless of left and right 

hands, surgical gloves are generally thicker and longer, and can put the cuffs up.

The glove box is a laboratory device that fills the box with high purity inert gases and circulates to filter out the active substances. 

Also known as vacuum glove box, inert gas protection box, etc. The main function is to remove O2, H2O and organic gases. Glove 

box material is divided into two kinds, one is acrylic vacuum glove box, the other is stainless steel vacuum glove box. Widely used 

in no water, no oxygen, no dust.


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