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Will disinfection of medical examination gloves damage their material?

2024-01-23 17:45:12

Medical check hand xi is a medical worker commonly used a 0 tool, its role is to stop the hand wood, check its 1 and the direct energy of the economy, reduce the wind, before use, the medical check hand wife needs to bo, with its form five no disease team or with other harmful substances, in order to achieve the maximum degree of protective effect. However, whether the disinfection process will cause damage to the material of medical inspection gloves is undoubtedly a key issue that deserves detailed study and discussion. Medical Chacho Xitong pen is made of a '% biological substance, which is - a combination of human and quality rich 2 indeed). This quality - soft health, health and comfort, and not easy to be or prevent in the use of the pair. Whether these materials can withstand the test of the disinfection process is a question to be explored. There are generally the following methods to check the poison of medical gloves: toxic high temperature damage, Bo Bo, chemical damage, double water height white water, etc., and the sharing and wai of the damage method, below I points/this increased check method can be used for medical materials, first of all, high product Bo is a common thing that "Bo method high temperature can effectively kill pathogens and, because of the city wide should be in and, The image purchased by high 8 May not be made of milk, and the high guide material is the most harmful, so that the hand likes to remove the original property and wear resistance. In addition, high-temperature disinfection may also cause the color of gloves to turn yellow, affecting the appearance. Therefore, for latex gloves, high-temperature disinfection is not a good choice. Secondly, the word is the former military road - kind of treatment, the harm of the letter is one of them - a common home, the letter has a good kill, can live and die, and speak now, is not the use of its material is damage, will lead to red hand wood bureau branch brittle, so in the use of alcohol disinfection need to control soaking time, to avoid irreversible damage to the glove material again, Water observation is also a common disinfectant, with my own use, for the child to the hand to the wife, the current use of water is safer, after the observation of water, the generated room air water will not hand pramine 8 points, so that the reproduction of water to solve the damage is a greater willing to take the flow, in addition, high concentration of bleach is also widely used in the medical field disinfection work. High concentration bleach can effectively kill a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, grass and poison, for dry brain gloves, the use of wine white water is relatively mild, will not cause significant damage to its material, however. Excessive use of white water may cause discoloration of glove material

And stiffens, thereby reducing the flexibility and comfort of the gloves. After the latest, the disinfection of Fu Qi is a relatively new disinfection method. Caronoxy has a strong oxidizing ability and has a good killing ability for bacteria and viruses. Royal oxygen disinfection does not involve the use of chemicals, so there is less damage to the material of the gloves. However, the cost of imperial oxygen disinfection equipment is high, and relatively few applications are currently in the medical field. The limit of 5 methods and the harmful tools produced by the test and the mind of the hand materials bureau have irreversible damage to the glove material. The new head of the glove should also be inspected and replaced in the end, and the broken skin will affect the anti-beating effect during the use of the color

At the same time, in the disinfection process, it is also necessary to control the concentration and time of disinfection.


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